About Us

Your Trusted Partner in Health & Safety Excellence.


A practical approach rooted in over 7 years.

We specialise in professional health and safety training and a wide range of health, safety, and workplace compliance services. Our certified instructors and Safety Officers work with our clients to ensure they follow the latest health and safety legislation.

Focusing on small and medium-sized businesses, recognizing their unique challenges.

With a personalized, customer-centric approach, we offer flexible after-hours and weekend training to suit every client's needs.

Friendly managed service

At All Safety Ireland Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly managed service that puts your needs first.

Flexible training times

Our commitment to flexibility means offering training times that suit your schedule, ensuring your convenience and success.

Quality services, fair prices

We believe in providing fair prices for our top-quality services, making workplace safety and compliance accessible to all.

Tailored Training & Diverse Services

Having already 7 years of occupational health and safety background, we offer the most relevant training programs tailored to specific industries and workplaces. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve a diverse clientele, including stores, garages, beauty salons and construction site workers.

We employ qualified professionals who are experts in their respective fields, including services like electrical testing, fire equipment maintenance and testing and monitoring and CCTV.

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Your Accessible Health & Safety Partner

We aim to accessible for your business while solving our clients' health & safety problems. We cut through the jargon and red tape, delivering practical and professional solutions that save lives and increase our clients' safety. You can rely on our team of experts to help you manage your health and safety responsibilities. Get in touch today for advice and guidance on training courses and our services.

We also provide Personal Protective Equipment, First Aid Supplies and Fire Fighting Equipment.

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