What are safety signs & symbols?

Safety signs and symbols are easily recognisable graphic labels that represent the general protocol and safety instructions in workplaces, establishments, or public spaces.

The appearance of safety signs and symbols can sometimes vary depending on the country or region. Still, their general goal is to communicate safety information which transcends language barriers and can be interpreted globally.

Why use safety symbols?

Safety signs and symbols are used as safety communication tools—they help send clear messages, instructions, and warnings without using too many words. They speed up the level of understanding of individuals and are helpful, especially in scenarios where a quick response is needed.

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Importance and legal requirements for safety signage

Chapter 1 of Part 7 and Schedule 9 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 set out requirements for safety signs and signals which must be used at all workplaces when hazards cannot be avoided or adequately reduced.

‘Employers must apply the principles of prevention to avoid hazards. Where hazards cannot be avoided, employers must assess the risk and reduce it by using measures that protect all workers or by using safer work processes. Where hazards cannot be avoided or reduced, employers have a duty to put in place appropriate signs for the protection of workers.

With the use of visual aids like safety signs and symbols, you reduce the risk of accidents and create awareness of hazards present in specific areas or materials. 

All Safety - images
All Safety - images

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