Induction Training

Our Induction Training, also called the ‘orientation programme’, is an introduction that helps to equip employees and new starters with all of the information, training and knowledge required to adapt to their roles within the company.

The aim of every Induction Training is to help employees settle into their position at a new company, business or organisation, to gain a knowledge of risk and risk management and use these new skills in your own workplace.

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Course overview

We will develop a training structure according to the needs of your business making sure that you’re compliant with all the regulations and your employees are trained in the field that is essential for the company.

Induction training is an overall beneficial practice when it comes to new employees in the organisation. Not only does it help to have a better, more efficient staff, but it also helps the employee have a smoother transition into their new workplace.

An efficient induction training saves time, reduces employee turnover and ensures operational efficiency while at the same time providing the new hire with the information they need, making them feel valued and helping them establish good communication with the coworkers.
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Why us?

We aim to ensure that any business can stay within the day job, so with our essential services, you and your employees never have to worry about current industry trends and demands. 

With us as your company of choice, you will have peace of mind that you are compliant with all of the latest health and safety legislation

No two businesses are alike. Our personalised approach tailors the training to your learning style and goals.

We provide flexible dates and times, including after-hours and weekend training, and on-site training, to accommodate every client.

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