What is Fire Fighting Equipment?

Firefighting equipment is designed to extinguish or protect the user from fire. Trained firefighters may use it, untrained users at the fire scene, or it may be built into a building's infrastructure (such as a sprinkler system).

Remember - ONLY Trained staff can use Fire Fighting equipment. Fitting proper Fire Fighting Equipment is one part of the Process; the second is Training for its correct usage.

Fire fighting equipment includes fire hoses and fire extinguishers, fire-resistant protective clothing, fire-resistant gloves, respirators, and communication equipment. We provide fire fighting equipment, fitting and annual servicing if required.

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Importance and legal requirements for Fire Fighting Equipment

From an employer’s point of view, the key piece of legislation governing fire safety in Ireland is the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. Employers must assess their workplace to identify any fire-related risks and to ensure their business complies with health & safety law.

Fire safety equipment must be properly maintained. Staff and occupants’ continuing safety and protection relies on fully functioning fire protection equipment such as fire detection/alarm systems, emergency lighting systems and fire extinguishing equipment.

Why is Fire Fighting Equipment Important? IT SAVES LIVES!

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Why us?

We aim to ensure that any business can stay within the day job, so with our essential services, you and your employees never have to worry about current industry trends and demands. 

With us as your company of choice, you will have peace of mind that you comply with all of the latest health and safety legislation.

No two businesses are alike. Our personalised approach tailors the training to your learning style and goals.

We provide flexible dates and times to accommodate every client, including after-hours, weekends, and on-site training.

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